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Wireless LCD GSM/PNTS/SMS/ Home Security Alarm System +15 Door/Window+4 IR Detector+4 Remote

Wireless LCD GSM/PNTS/SMS/ Home Security Alarm System +15 Door/Window+4 IR Detector+4 Remote

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Wireless LCD GSM/PNTS/SMS/Call Autodial intercomHome Security Alarm System








Compatible programmable intelligent wired zones, 99 wireless zones
6 sets of programmable voice
Remote intercom propaganda function (GSM model only)
Support cornet cluster network free call (GSM model only)
Wireless appliance control, wireless siren optional (wireless control, eliminating the need for wiring construction)
10 group cycle or one-time programmable power output timing control on or off.
10 groups or one-time arm disarm cycle settings, eliminating the inconvenience of manually disarm
10 seconds ISD can be repeatedly erased alarm recording
Arming the alarm delay time set arbitrarily
Built-in artificial intelligence, digital voice, remote setup, control, are full voice prompts
Built-in artificial intelligence Chinese short messages, alarm messages can be freely defined, more humane
Alarm locking memory and information at a glance
AWAY at home arming, remote arming
Wireless intelligent learning code, was equipped with convenient and simple
Mobile (phone) remotely arm, disarm, monitor (G), Intercom (G)
9 kinds of free zone mode set separately
Remote arm and disarm the alarm tone operation can be set
Built-in intercom speaker, call the function keys (G4 version proprietary, other models do not have)






System installation
Brief introduction of system
This alarm consists of main engine of alarm and various wireless-connected accessories. When people enter the defense region illegally, the main engine will give sound of sirens and call the hosts, so hosts can return home or inform neighboring relatives to cope with the instantly. Also, they can monitor the sound on the spot.    
Alarm installation
Insert the plug of telephone outside line into LINE2 of the main engine and connect LINE1 of the main engine with telephone using attached telephone wire of alarm. Then joint up the power source and warning signal; meanwhile the main engine will give a sound of “B” and light of the power source goes on, which means the main engine starts working.




Dual passive infrared detector
Anti-burnt cover
LED on/off optional
Auto temperature compensation
SMT design, high RFI/EMI Immunity
Triple pulse optional
Alarm delay time optional
Sending a warning singal to host if detect any movement

Technical parameters:

Working power: 9V 6F22 Buttery
Charge power: DC 9V (rechargeable)
Detect range: 110°
Launch distant: 300m (open area)
Detect distance: 12m
Size: 107*59*45mm
Installation heigh: 1.7-2.5m


Beautiful and Portable. you can control the security system with 4 control buttons in the remote.
Transmission Distance : 80m (No Obstacle)
Power : 12V battery x 1 pcs (battery included)
Static Current: I1 = 0
Transmission Current: I2 ≤ 15mA
Transmission Time: ≧1s
Operational temperature: :-10℃ to 40℃ (approx 14°F ~ 104°F)
Humidity: ≤ 90%





Transmit distance : approx 100m(no obstacle)
Internal distance : 15mm
Transmission Time : ≧1s
Power Supply : 12V battery x 1 pcs (battery included)
Static current : I1≤15mAμA
Alarm current : I2≤15mA 
Temperature: -10℃ to 40℃ (approx 14°F ~ 104°F)
Humidity: less than 90%
Suitable for Door, Window, drawer, cabinet


Loud. when the keypad is alarming, 120dB sound will break out from the siren. it will not only alert neighbors of their vigilance, but scare away the burglar right out of your house.


Package Including:

1x Host Antenna 
15x Door/Window Sensors  
4x Motion Detector 
4x Keychain Remotes  
1x Ear Piercing Indoor Siren  
1x Power Adaptor
1x English Manual













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