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Factory direct  New 100% Silk Duvet Quilt 1.5KG Single 150 × 210 cm 59 "x83"

Factory direct New 100% Silk Duvet Quilt 1.5KG Single 150 × 210 cm 59 "x83"

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100% New
We have other size, if you need, please tell us, if you can't to choose your like colour on ebay, please tell us or have a note with you need colour, we can provide to you, thanks! 
Fabric: 100% Cotton, Plain weave
Size: 150x210 (cm) Single Size
Filling: 100% mulberry silk
Filling Net Weight: 1.5 kg
Total Weight: about 2.5 Kg
The natural silk duvets really are the ultimate in luxury, silk has many benefits over either down or synthetic fibers for allergy sufferers or for people who are are looking for the ultimate sleeping comfort. Our duvets are filled with 100% grade "A" new long Strand Chinese silk
It's a fact that people sleep differently, some sleep hot some cold. Our silk duvets are designed for year round warmth at indoor temperatures of 17-30 degrees Celsius. A cool duvet is perfect for normal summer nights, cooler nights in spring and fall and Will be very comfortable in a centrally heated home through the winter.As we said above, some people need more winter warmth, that's where the winterweight fits in they are comfortable in temperatures of 14-24 degrees Celsius.
We offer 0.5Kg duvets to 3.5KG ones and have many customers who mix and match, for example they will buy two twin duvets one winterweight for the cold sleeper, one light for the warm sleeper.
About silk quilt
Silk quilt is extra soft, light and warm. It is known for its "warm in winter and cool in summer" feature. It is like a thermostat. It is "breathable". Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mite, therefore very Protective to skin and health.
Silk is harvested from silkworms which feed on natural and pesticides-free mulberry leaves. Silkworms, which produce cocoons where the natural silk come from, are very delicate. Even a small tinge of pesticide left on the leaves is the lethal to the silkworms, Forbidden to be used while the mulberry trees are growing.
Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mites do not like it. Silk's "breath-ability" makes it warm in winter, cool in summer. The Chinese and Japanese have enjoyed Silk
The Chinese believe that the amino acids present in silk are beneficial to the skin, whereby they activate the human skin cells to: Prevent vascular sclerosis, Relieve itchy skin, Assist in preventing arthritis & asthma.
Silk is composed of protein (97%) and other ingredients, which is in common with human body. Silk filament has 33% -38% of space in structure, which can keep air and moisture. In hot weather, silk can absorb and tranfer Extra heat and moisture and thus keep a comfortable sleeping environment. In cold weather, because of the air in the silk filament, the silk quilt is insulated so that the heat inside is not lost. Therefore the silk quilt is natural and "breathable". It can create a unique "warm in winter, cool in summer", effect for which it is renowned.
Because silk is natural and "breathable" the characteristics of a silk filled quilt are such that it is much more flexible than quilts with other fillings, such as down, feather or polyester in coping with changes in your sleeping environment, such as ambient room temperature And your own body temperature.
Clean & Care
In case that localized spillages happens, carefully hand washed with non-biological detergent suitable for washing silk and wollen. Alkaline detergent is forbidden as it will ruin protein in the silk and thus damage the silk quilt entirely.
After 14-30 days of continuous use, it is recommended that the silk quilt be regularly aired without a cover in mild sunshine for 1-2 hours. Beat it lightly to make it fluffy.
Since the silk is protein, never expose to strong sunlight or dry it in high temperature. Washing either by hand or machine is not recommended, although the structure of silk quilt will not be damaged due to its strong and stable feature. However, if Cleaned by water, the silk quilt will become less soft and fluffy. Only by airing under sun and patting can you restore the silk quilt's original feature.
Before storage, the silk quilt must be aired and dried and then put in dry and cool places
The silk quilt is not be exposed to extra heat or strong sunlight for a long time
The silk quilt is not be stored with camphor balls
The silk quilt is not be topped with too much weight
The silk quilt is not be vacuum-packed for a long time
Hand-made silk quilt is made up of 100% long mulberry silk. It is the top grade product in silk quilt market. Machine-made silk quilt are usually made with silk that are treated by chemicals, crushed by machines, with rayon and broken Silk all mixed up together.
Smell: inferior silk gives off a slight smell of chemicals and silkworm pupa, which will become stronger in more humid and warmer enviornment during use. This smell is definately harmful to your health, especially to those who have allergic constitution.
Color: 100% natural silk floss has a soft and lustrous pearly color; in contrast, as a result of bleaching, inferior floss looks artificially white and shiny.
Hand feel: pure silk floss feels more more yet less smoother than lower-grade ones which have been treated by machines.
Length of silk filament: The most exquisite silk quilt is made of long and unbroken mulberry silk which is stretched and handlayered one by one in a criss-cross pattern. It is very smooth and even throughout the silk quilt; in contrast, silk in machine Shake the silk quilt quickly, if it is made by machine, tiny dust-like fibres can be seen falling down from the silk quilt. These fluff may enter the respiration systems and further do harm to people's health , Especially to babies and children.



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